Bold Brim application Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of a Bold Brim - we are very excited to have you join our Wilde Child  Tribe.

We have spent months designing and developing this amazing product and we wanted to be sure we can ensure a successful application.

Please see below our Video step by step guide to assist you through the process.


*Your hat must be clean of all dust, debris and dirt before application.*

While some dirt is impossible to remove, having excess dirt on your hat will make it difficult to apply and will make it difficult to stay attached.

STEP 2 - Assess SHAPE

Misshapen, well loved or damaged hats will make it very difficult to apply the Bold Brim.

We only recommend the application of our product to a hat that is well taken care of and in good condition.

NO palm, or loose weave straw hats, please apply to a stiff, smooth well shaped straw hat only!!! No felt hats either! 


STEP 3 - Watch video (A MUST for best results!)

We have created a step by step video tutorial to help you get your Bold Brim attached correctly.

Make sure to have your hat, your Bold Brim, a pair of scissors and a lighter.

You can watch and pause and restart the video at any time - remember to take your time and enjoy the transformation process of your hat.

If you're feeling nervous about the process, watch the video first to get a sense of the steps then jump in with your hat.

You can contact me at anytime for further assistance.

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