Q: What are Stretch N Slide Hat Bands?

A: Our hat bands are a new product that allows you to easily interchange your hat band! Our hat bands are hand made with quality products and simply just stretch and slide onto pretty much any hat out there! Super easy and fun, we recommend you give them a try! 


Q: What are Bold Brims?

A: We are so glad you asked!
Each Bold Brim is comprised of high quality materials that allow you to apply the print directly onto your current straw hat. They are a peel and stick product, durable and yet removable, and are designed to have some stretch in order to conform to your hat. Simply watch the instruction video under the FAQ heading, and apply!

Q: What kind of condition should my hat be in?

A: To ensure your Bold Brim has an optimum fit, your hat must be clean, stiff and well shaped. Any dirty, floppy or worn out hats will make the application process tricky, and may affect your final results. 

Q: What size of hats will Bold Brims fit?

A: Bold Brims fit a majority of hat sizes and have been designed to fit hats up to approximately 16" wide by 17" long.  We recommend you measure your hat prior to ordering a Bold Brim just to be safe!

Q: What type of hats do they work on? 

A: Currently Bold Brims have the best results on straw hats. Palm and Felt Hats may also be used but may not yield the same results. 

Q: Can I buy a hat with the Bold Brim already on?

A: Yes!  You can order one of our Pre-made Hats (found under Bold Brims) or choose a new American or Texas Straw, the Bold Brim you love and we will happily apply your Bold Brim to your new hat for you, prior to shipping!


Q: Is a Bold Brim reusable?

A: Due to the stretch component in Bold Brims, they are not reusable once you have applied them to your hat. 

Q: Do you offer custom designs?

A: YES! If you have an idea in mind that we don't currently offer, let us know and we will try to make it happen!  We also offer customization with quotes, logos etc...