Wilde Child Team

Reegan Dempsey

My name is Reegan Dempsey, and I live in Hardisty, Alberta Canada. I own my own small business called Speed Demons @speeddemons19 which is a clothing brand I started 2 years ago. I also really like to do makeup, I love to draw/paint, I like to read books, and I love to listen to music. I have two main horses I ride but our family has 5 all in total. My two main ones are my barrel and pole horse Pepsi, I recently bought her last year and have only been riding her close to around a year and are making AMAZING progress together. My other main one is my four year old mare Bear. Bear was a gift to me from an older friend of mine who trains horses and he helped me start her. I currently belong to the AHSRA, the ABRA and plan to get my LRA card. I usually attend close to every high school rodeo and try to make it to as many ABRA jackpots as I can and I always attend the ABRA finals in Ponoka.

Ella Stevenson

Hi my name is Ella Stevenson, and I am from Prince George, British Columbia Canada. I just recently started BCHSR in the fall of 2020. I have 2 horses I compete on. My main barrel horse Roux, is a six year old sorrel mare. She is currently running barrels very well and we are working on turning her into my pole horse as well as my backup horse for goats and breakaway. My second horse is Rocky, he is 21 years old but that doesn’t stop him. Rocky is my team roping,, breakaway, goat tying, and pole horse. I compete in barrel racing, poles, goat tying, and I am just starting team roping, and breakaway this spring. As well as BCHSR I am a member of BCRA, BCBRA, and BCLBRA.

Erin Weitzel

I’m Erin Weitzel from Plant City, Florida USA. I am a small business owner. I’ve owned my business for two years now and I enjoy it very much, it helps me connect with so many people in this sport of rodeo that I love so much. I have four amazing horses Waldo is a 27-year-old retired rope horse, Bling is a 12 year old Barrel horse, and Tie Down horse which my husband mainly rides but sometimes he will let me take him to a barrel race, Black Betty is a 9 year old currently in training to run barrels hopefully she will be my back up rodeo horse, and last but not least is my main horse Squirrel hes my best horse I Rodeo off him and he has won me many titles saddles buckles and countless checks he is also nine years old! I Barrel race pretty much every weekend if my husband and I aren’t off at rodeos then I’m going to local jackpots. I mainly compete on 2 but but occasionally three.

 Presley Hipkins


My name is Presley Hipkins and I am from Beaverlodge, Alberta Canada! This will be my second year barrel racing competitively and I absolutely love it!! I have two amazing horses named Crown and Hammer that I will be running in the upcoming season! When I am not barrel racing, I enjoy team roping and break away roping! Though I don’t jackpot or compete in these events, I love to practise them with my family and friends! Before I bought Crown and Hammer I had been racing my old guy named Luke! He is used to rope and goat tie off of now! For now, I only run Crown and Hammer, I would love to run more in the future!

Kenzie Lloyd

My name is Kenzie Lloyd. I live in Quesnel, British Columbia Canada. I love school and have been on the principal roll ever since I started school, and I love reading and doing artwork. I have a brother who is 10 and he rodeos with me and my parents as well. His name is Kyder. I compete in Barrel Racing, Poles, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, and Ribbon Roping. The rodeos I will be going to are the BC Little Britches Rodeos, BC High School Rodeos and hopefully the BCRA rodeos. I have two horses, I ride John Wayne in the barrels and poles, and my dad's old rope horse Joe in the roping events.

Bonnie Schellenberg

My name is Bonnie Schellenberg and I live north of Gronlid, Saskatchewan Canada. along the Saskatchewan River, and Fort a la Corne Forest. I am married to a horse trainer. He does lessons, clinics, and shows rope horses and cowhorses. I run barrels and have started to practice breakaway roping. I also help my husband a bit at some of his clinics and lessons. I run 3 horses right now. 2 geldings and a mare. The mare is 6, and had a bit of a late start, but spent a winter in AZ with my hubby and kids and I am super excited about her. I practice breakaway on the boys heel horses.

Kiara Ballew

Hello my name is Kiara Ballew and I live in Oldfort, Tennessee USA. I started riding horses and barrel racing at age 8. I compete in barrels and poles mostly. I have 3 horses I complete on. Hawk is my 21 year old Appaloosa, Blue is my 11 year old paint, and Indi is my 11 year old buckskin. In the 6 years I have been competing I have won 4 saddles, 50 buckles, and many custom tack awards. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of the Wild Child team.

 Sydney Doerr

Hello! My name is Sydney Doerr. I am from Fort Myers, Florida USA. I am currently enrolled in the PLTW Medical Program at my high school and plan to be a pediatric physical therapist! I have competed and been involved in my local 4H program for 11 years and have taken on 4 younger girls in teaching them how to successfully compete not only in 4H but in the barrel racing world as well. I currently own 4 horses. Two are my retired horses which I trained myself. My main horses name is Syd’s Sneak Peak, or Nika. She is a 12 year idk quarter horse which I converted from a roping horse to a barrel horse. Nika and I hold an arena record for our keyhole pattern, our time being a 4.2! As a team we have been elected LCJP Queen 3 years in a row and have been the president of the Lee County Junior Posse for 4 years. Blitzkrieg Blues is my 5 year old OTTB that I just got in October of 2020. Blitz being my next project horse is not quite at competing level but she will get there in time! My discipline is Western Speed, more specifically barrels and poles. Nika and I place consistently in the 3D at our local jackpots and in the top 5 of our age group at our sleep away shows.

Mylee Macedo

My name is Mylee Macedo and I am from Lovelock, Nevada USA. I am currently in preschool and will start kindergarten the end of August. I am a blonde bombshell full of sassiness! I have an older brother and we both rodeo and do quite well. I ride a 23 year old bay gelding who only has one eye. His name is Walter aka one eyed jack. I used to do rodeos being led around and then when quarantine hit I spent every day riding until I was finally able to ride by myself. Last year I won my first All Around title and I was so proud of that. I like to rodeo, rope and hang out with all of my animals. We rodeo in Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. I do numerous Jr rodeos as well as compete in our local Gymkhana club and the Buhl Youth Rodeo series. We are typically busy from May to about September. I only currently compete on my gelding Walter, but hoping to get another horse soon.

Shawnee Barham

My name is Shawnee Barham, from Dallas, Texas, USA. I am a mother and wife and am in business with my husband for all things equine. I’m working towards getting my pro card and I have about 20 horses ranging from foals to seniors. I mostly compete in barrel racing but, I have done hunter/jumper, halter, Showmanship, trail, in hand trail, western equitation, western pleasure, and sport horse in hand. I am Working towards competing in cutting, sorting, reining, ranching and roping. My horses specialize in a sport but I also like to have good all around horses. Some even give riding lessons! My current mounts are Mamas Right On Romeo aka Whiskey (QH), Red (QH), Doc Holliday (QH or Paint)
N'co Roulette's Let It Ride aka Ryder (Gypsy Vanner). I compete on anywhere from 1 to 4 horses.

Della Grace Groves

My name is Della Grace Groves, I am from Joaquin Texas, USA. I compete in 4-6 rodeos each month in Texas and Louisiana. I am an active member of the Pineywoods Youth Rodeo Association and the Winners Youth Rodeo Association. I own and compete on 7 horses(Fancy, J-Lo, Cash, Cowboy, Indian, Rolex, and Misty). The events that I compete in are; barrels, poles, straights, goat ribbon pulling, goat tying, sled roping, and breakaway roping. I recently won the Pineywoods Youth Rodeo Association 2020-2021 season, 6 and under championships in the poles and straights.

Shasta MacNaught

My name is Shasta MacNaught and I’m from Carnduff, Saskatchewan, Canada. I grew up around horses and have been on a horse since I could walk. My parents are ranchers that breed quarter horses and appaloosas, my father use to team rope back in the day. I am a cancer survivor 2 years in remission. I have been showing horses since I was 6. My mom showed our horses at
Appaloosa Horse Shows and local show. I have shown pleasure, reining, western Riding, all gymkhana events. When I was 12 I starting running in the SBRA jackpot and then MBRA. I went to college in Wyoming for 3 ½ years and was on the rodeo team. Now I train my own horses and take outside Horses. I Travel Manitoba, Saskatchewan and am hoping to head to Alberta later on in the year for jackpot and hope that the rodeos will be going this year. I help my mom run our Red Rose Country Store in Carnduff, Sask. It is a small country store with a variety of new and used, hand made crafts, equine products. My horses
include, a Mr Jess Perry gelding named Docs Jess Vanish (Eclipse), my main barrel racing horse, MRH Fancy Money mare named Moneys Cash Dash (Money) back up to my main. She’s my all around horse: ranch, barrels, poles, breakaway, and team roping (heeling) I have three coming five years old that I will be taking on the road this year. Smart Whiskey Guy daughter named Aimes Whiskey Girl (Tequila). Mr Eye Opener mare named Docs Lonsum Phoenix (Phoenix) Hancock mare JJ Red Hot Nellie (Hot Nellie) I use my two mains horses for the bigger events, hoping hit few rodeos this year. Local jackpots with younger stuff and training horses.

Michelle Novak

My name is Michelle Novak, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I have been riding for almost 16 years and have barrel raced for about 8 years. I currently have one horse named Penny and she is a 9-year-old registered quarter horse. Penny loves to go fast, and I got her as a project to turn her into a barrel horse as she has great potential to excel in barrels and poles. I am currently working towards training Penny after she suffered from a major tendon injury last year in September. I am working on building back Penny’s confidence and trust back by doing positive enforcement training with her. I am also slowly training Penny to run barrels, poles and to get her confidence back on the trails, as she loved to explore the trails with me before the accident. I am also excited to go down the beautiful Vancouver Island trails in the summer to some amazing views of the mountains and rivers. Because of covid-19 there are no in person barrel races on the island but that will not stop me from training and sharing my progress with Penny. I am proud to be apart of the Wild Childs team to spread the positive attitude of the brand and to embrace that when something bad happens there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Monica Kippers

Hello, my name is Monica Kippers I am from Barrhead Alberta, Canada. I’m a horse enthusiast in many ways not only is my career focused around keeping my clients horses happy and healthy, but my personal life is devoted to my own horses! Over the years I’ve dabbled in a variety of disciplines but Barrel racing is where my true passion lays! On a normal year I spend most of my summer on the road.. from local week night jackpots to rodeos and larger jackpots on the the weekends I stay busy! Last year was a little different with covid and less events happening but I still managed to stay busy competing at least twice a week and hit up a bunch of larger jackpots that happened in the fall. I generally compete on at least three horses. This year I will have my two main girls Willow and Ritz for the start of the season and come the fall I will add cozmo ( my futurity hopefully for 2022), and Allie my mare who will be having her foal this spring to the team. Hopefully I’ll also get to use Ivy my moms mare for derbies later this year!

Kerri Moat

Hi my name is Kerri Moat I am from Dawson Creek British Columbia, Canada. I don't do much for sports outside of the arena, I snowboard and skate a few times a year and that's it. My favorite rodeo event is Team roping. I compete on three main horses Bullseye, Dixie, Deuce, If I need a different horse for Barrel Racing or Pole Bending I borrow my mom's horse Merri or my sister's horse Foxy. I am a member of the British Columbia High School Rodeo Association, Teepee Creek Junior Rodeo, Association, British Columbia Barrel Racing Association, Peace country Barrel Racing Association, and Alberta Barrel Racing Association. I compete around a total amount of 20 times a year in rodeos and barrel races. Bullseye is a 20-year-old bay gelding, the events that he does for me are Team roping on the head side and for my sister, he does Reined Cow Horse and Cutting. Dixie is a 7-year-old dark bay mare, the events she does for me are Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, and Team roping on the head side.
Duece is a 19-year-old sorrel mare, the events she does for me are Breakaway, and Ribbon Roping.

Elexa Langset

My name is Elexa Langset, and I am currently living in Bowden, Alberta Canada to attend school at Olds College. I am originally from Langley, BC where I grew up on the back of a horse. From the age of four, I competed at a local riding club doing any and every event that I could. I rode in jumping, English/western flat shows, and gymkhanas almost every weekend in the summers. I decided that I wanted to pursue barrel racing, not just jackpots, but I had my heart set on rodeo. A couple horses, blood, sweat, many tears and 1 year later, I bought my very own barrel horse. Decider’s Dash T Gold is a 2012 palomino mare. Although she is very much bred to run barrels, she was even more green to the actual sport than I was. Countless YouTube video tutorials, a clinic, and many hard nights in the arena alone later. We made progress slowly, but surely. In the spring of 2017 I bought my first BCRA membership and me and hit as many rodeos as we could. Dita rode in an old, blue, rusty bumper pull, but I was living my dream. Dita and I ran at the Chilliwack rodeo, Our run felt smooth, I still wasn’t pushing her, but by the time we were running home, I knew it was the best run we had made together. Tears flowed down my face when a friend came and told me that I was leading the youth barrel racing. We ended up winning our first buckle together that night, with a run that would have placed us 4th in the ladies barrel racing. Since our first win together, Dita and I have ran on the ladies BCRA circuit, won a handful more buckles, placed at many big barrel races around BC, and have won the 1D at multiple races. I am now living my dream going to school to be an Equine Reproduction Technician at Olds College. I hope to rodeo professionally, own a barrel horse breeding farm, teach as many people as possible about barrel racing, and produce horses that not only improve the sport, but that other little girls with big dreams can go and achieve great things with.

Michelle Hebert

Lol well jeepers where to start! I’m Michelle Hebert and am a married mom of two teen boys from Forestburg Alberta, Canada. I help run the indoor riding arena in Forestburg and I host many of the practice nights there like barrel lesson sessions with Marci Powell, roping lessons with Jenner Meston and Gymkhana practice nights where I help everyone who needs help!!!!! I am the golden prairie horse project leader and the cleaver leader. I run a spring and fall fun Gymkhana series in Forestburg and participant at all of them! I started riding English when I was a teen and discovered barrel racing! Have abra jackpoted over the years but not too recently (trying to get back into it). We spend most of our weekends at 4h rodeos, jr rodeos, local horse shows or family Gymkhana’s! I go in all the classes and have a blast even went I’m in last!!!!! My passion is teaching and moulding young riders! I usually have a gaggle if kids in tow at every event I go to!

Dana Pentland

My name is Dana Pentland, I am a horse loving lady from Barrier British Columbia, Canada. I currently own 3 horses, Stormy (35) retired, Bozo (24) semi-retired, and Cooper (16). I have competed in team penning, team roping, and breakaway roping. I currently barrel race, show and am currently beginning my venture into the world of western dressage. Minus 2020 I am usually pretty frequent out and about at horse events. 2021 I am playing by ear. Cooper my barrel horse has been on the injured reserve list all winter, so he will come back slow and we will concentrate on showing and dressage, and see how he progresses, as his wellbeing comes first. I also show with Bozo so will be out on 2 horses. I am looking at adding a young prospect this year, if the perfect one comes along. With my small business Divergent Equine, I am still at a lot of different events, I have plans to be at barrel races, cutting shows, and maybe even reining shows, along with western class shows I am in.

Rylee Stettner

My name is Rylee Stettner, and I live on a farm outside of Southey, Saskatchewan Canada and I try to ride my horses every day! I have 2 horses, they are both palominos, Georgia and Piper. Georgia is a 7 year old mare. She started as one of my project horses and I just got too attached to her and she stayed! Piper is a 10 year old mare who is now my main horse. I try to be dedicated to ride my horses everyday. I recently started Saskatchewan High School Rodeo last fall. I compete in barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying. I will be at every rodeo in May. I am also entered in some slot races around Saskatchewan. This winter I have been going to barrel jackpots mostly every weekend.