Wilde Child Team

Ella Stevenson

Hi my name is Ella Stevenson, and I am from Prince George, British Columbia Canada. I just recently started BCHSR in the fall of 2020. I have 2 horses I compete on. My main barrel horse Roux, is a six year old sorrel mare. She is currently running barrels very well and we are working on turning her into my pole horse as well as my backup horse for goats and breakaway. My second horse is Rocky, he is 21 years old but that doesn’t stop him. Rocky is my team roping,, breakaway, goat tying, and pole horse. I compete in barrel racing, poles, goat tying, and I am just starting team roping, and breakaway this spring. As well as BCHSR I am a member of BCRA, BCBRA, and BCLBRA.

Erin Weitzel

I’m Erin Weitzel from Plant City, Florida USA. I am a small business owner. I’ve owned my business for two years now and I enjoy it very much, it helps me connect with so many people in this sport of rodeo that I love so much. I have four amazing horses Waldo is a 27-year-old retired rope horse, Bling is a 12 year old Barrel horse, and Tie Down horse which my husband mainly rides but sometimes he will let me take him to a barrel race, Black Betty is a 9 year old currently in training to run barrels hopefully she will be my back up rodeo horse, and last but not least is my main horse Squirrel hes my best horse I Rodeo off him and he has won me many titles saddles buckles and countless checks he is also nine years old! I Barrel race pretty much every weekend if my husband and I aren’t off at rodeos then I’m going to local jackpots. I mainly compete on 2 but but occasionally three.

Kenzie Lloyd

My name is Kenzie Lloyd. I live in Quesnel, British Columbia Canada. I love school and have been on the principal roll ever since I started school, and I love reading and doing artwork. I have a brother who is 10 and he rodeos with me and my parents as well. His name is Kyder. I compete in Barrel Racing, Poles, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, and Ribbon Roping. The rodeos I will be going to are the BC Little Britches Rodeos, BC High School Rodeos and hopefully the BCRA rodeos. I have two horses, I ride John Wayne in the barrels and poles, and my dad's old rope horse Joe in the roping events.

Mylee Macedo

My name is Mylee Macedo and I am from Lovelock, Nevada USA. I am currently in preschool and will start kindergarten the end of August. I am a blonde bombshell full of sassiness! I have an older brother and we both rodeo and do quite well. I ride a 23 year old bay gelding who only has one eye. His name is Walter aka one eyed jack. I used to do rodeos being led around and then when quarantine hit I spent every day riding until I was finally able to ride by myself. Last year I won my first All Around title and I was so proud of that. I like to rodeo, rope and hang out with all of my animals. We rodeo in Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. I do numerous Jr rodeos as well as compete in our local Gymkhana club and the Buhl Youth Rodeo series. We are typically busy from May to about September. I only currently compete on my gelding Walter, but hoping to get another horse soon.

Monica Kippers

Hello, my name is Monica Kippers I am from Barrhead Alberta, Canada. I’m a horse enthusiast in many ways not only is my career focused around keeping my clients horses happy and healthy, but my personal life is devoted to my own horses! Over the years I’ve dabbled in a variety of disciplines but Barrel racing is where my true passion lays! On a normal year I spend most of my summer on the road.. from local week night jackpots to rodeos and larger jackpots on the the weekends I stay busy! Last year was a little different with covid and less events happening but I still managed to stay busy competing at least twice a week and hit up a bunch of larger jackpots that happened in the fall. I generally compete on at least three horses. This year I will have my two main girls Willow and Ritz for the start of the season and come the fall I will add cozmo ( my futurity hopefully for 2022), and Allie my mare who will be having her foal this spring to the team. Hopefully I’ll also get to use Ivy my moms mare for derbies later this year!

Kerri Moat

Hi my name is Kerri Moat I am from Dawson Creek British Columbia, Canada. I don't do much for sports outside of the arena, I snowboard and skate a few times a year and that's it. My favorite rodeo event is Team roping. I compete on three main horses Bullseye, Dixie, Deuce, If I need a different horse for Barrel Racing or Pole Bending I borrow my mom's horse Merri or my sister's horse Foxy. I am a member of the British Columbia High School Rodeo Association, Teepee Creek Junior Rodeo, Association, British Columbia Barrel Racing Association, Peace country Barrel Racing Association, and Alberta Barrel Racing Association. I compete around a total amount of 20 times a year in rodeos and barrel races. Bullseye is a 20-year-old bay gelding, the events that he does for me are Team roping on the head side and for my sister, he does Reined Cow Horse and Cutting. Dixie is a 7-year-old dark bay mare, the events she does for me are Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, and Team roping on the head side.
Duece is a 19-year-old sorrel mare, the events she does for me are Breakaway, and Ribbon Roping.

Nevada Jones

My name is Nevada Jones, I am from Prince George, British Columbia Canada. I compete in high school rodeos and attend roping and barrel racing jackpots year round. I compete on three horses Poohbear, Gordon, and Emy. My favourite events I compete in are the roping events, breakaway and team roping. I love the personality that the Wilde child hat bands add to my outfits and love representing the brand with such a strong group of cowgirls.

Gracelynn Poffenroth

Gracie has been riding horses since before she could walk. She won her first buckle at the age of 3 and that put the fire in her soul! Last year was her rookie season in the BC Little Britches Association. She ran her heart out on her 21 year old mare Peanut, holding her own running against girls twice her age. Her fastest time in the barrels was a 20.9 on a standard and I'll tell ya, this mama's heart was in her throat! Competing against 10 year olds as a 5 year old has its ups and downs! Our Grace was crying hole for prizes the whole year long, but no matter what her amazing heart shone through, clapping for the other girls & telling all of them "good job" or "great run" after they came out of the arena. She competed in the barrel racing, pole bending, goat tail tying & dummy roping. 
Besides 'Peanut" Grace will hop on her Daddy's calf horse Roany or our quarter pony Ranger. She has trained both of them in the barrel racing & it's something to watch how those horses just listen to her & do what she asks. I'm not sure who's the lucky one.. Grace to have such amazing horses or the horses have an amazing Grace.  She's a cowgirl thru and thru helping with chores, loves moving cows & always there to lend a helping hand in the roping pen whether its cracking the chute, bringing up cattle or helping her dad leg up horses! 

Karissa MacIntyre

I am Karissa MacIntyre. I live near Westlock, AB. I grew up in town and didn’t get my first horse till I graduated from college in 2006. I didn’t start barrel racing till closer to 2010 but have only been doing it competitively over the last 8ish years. This year will be my first year trying amateur rodeos, with my mare Six. In the past I have just been doing jackpots. I also have an up incoming mare, Wicked, which I am excited to start training this year. I do wear a helmet when I run but I love to show off my Wilde Child hat bands whenever I can. I am always learning and evolving in my barrel racing career and I look forward to what this season will bring. Outside of barre racing I am a Registered Veterinary Technologist as well as a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. I am honored to represent Wilde Child again this year and I’d like to wish everybody a great season!