Show your Wilde side

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Show your Wilde Side with this unique, one of a kind Bold Brim Print!

Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside!

Are you looking for success but keep falling short? Research shows that they way you feel about your appearance can actually change the way you perform. Give yourself the winning edge by looking and feeling like you are already a winner with one of our exclusive Bold Brim Prints!



What are Bold Brims?

We are so glad you asked!

Each Bold Brim is comprised of high quality materials that allow you to apply the print directly onto your current straw hat. They are a peel and stick product, durable and yet removable, and are designed to have some stretch in order to conform to your hat. Simply watch the instruction video under the FAQ heading, and apply!



BOLD BRIMS fit cowboy hats up to approximately 16" wide by 17" long.
~Please measure your hat and ensure your hat isn't too large prior to ordering a bold brim.~

Currently Bold Brims works best on straw hats; other types such as felt and palm can also be used, but may not achieve the same results.

*Position and size of BOLD BRIM in images may not be to scale*

Although we've manufactured a high quality product that is relatively safe for use with all hat types, we do not make any guarantees or warranties against damage during application, use or removal of our product. Please read the instructions fully prior to the application of your BOLD BRIM, and use at your discretion.