Wilde Child TRIBE

searching for Our WILDE CHILD FOR AUGUST!

If you know a Momma that deserves recognition for all she does for her kiddos, family and community, tell us all about her!
Please tell us why she’s so amazing and include a picture or two if possible!!
Look forward to hearing all about the wickedly cool moms out there!!
The winning momma will receive a Bold Brim of her choice and Wilde Child Apparel!!

So get Cracking and Nominate!!
Nominations close JULY 31!! 😎

OUR July Wilde Child has been chosen!!

Congratulations Raelyne Shipowick!!

Though she may be small she is fierce! She has an amazing heart and is very caring. She picks up those who feel down, and stand up for those who are frequently picked on. Her determination is inspiring. Once she sets her mind to something she we accomplish it, regardless of the rocky road. Raelyne has always put her horses and others before herself.
Rae pays her own way, and is very grateful for those who have helped her along the way. Among her rodeo events (barrels, poles, goats) she's a fully fledged hockey player. Rae has played for Beaverlodge for a total of 3 years, and La Glacé in the past. When Rae isn't trying hard in the round pen, she is trying her heart out on the ice. She is very devoted to her hockey as a left winger. She puts many hours practicing outside of her teams practice, to work on her own kinks.

Raelyne is the kind of girl who would help out anyone who asks, and anyone who hasn't. And by all means she has. Raelyne spends her Fridays running little kids around the pattern for moms and parents at the Gymkhana club. No questions asked. She has gumption on her side. Rae has at least 4 little girls who look up to her, and see her as an inspiration.

On top of this all, Rae is in an academic grade 10 level!

How awesome is this Wilde Child!!??