What do you need to quit?

What do you need to quit?

Hey Cowgirl, I’ve been thinking of you.

Thinking of your struggles, your frustrations and your doubts.  

Thinking of how you don’t give yourself enough credit for how far you have come.

When was the last time you took a close look at your accomplishments, without judgement, and seen just how much you’ve done? When have you taken a step back, breathed and reminded yourself that you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got?

Did you know that it’s ok to struggle sometimes?

Well I’m here to tell you girl, you are doing AMAZING even if it doesn’t feel like it. That we’ve all felt those days of frustration and wanting to give up...give up on our horses, ourselves and just life. Behind the fake veil of social media, fake smiles and fake stories, is everyone’s real life crap and you most definitely are NOT the only one suffering, no matter what them other girls try to make you believe.


I could preach to you to be positive and keep going, and don’t you dare give up and you just hang in there, which is all really super great advice...but what if I said sometimes life just sucks, feels crappy, that there are equally crappy people, and bad things happen for no reason at all.

That maybe it’s not your fault for the way things have been going lately, and it’s OK to feel scared and frustrated and like quitting.

But we can’t quit right?

Well that, girl, brings us around to something that’s not talked about a whole lot. Believe it or not, in some cases, quitting could actually be your silver lining to a not so great situation.

Say WHAT?!

Now just hold up for a second...and let me explain. I’m not saying every time things get rocky, you better toss in the towel…we need to build our resilience muscles somehow…and we all know how powerful, uplifting and life changing having to work hard towards something can be. Or that things in life just happen sometimes, that are completely out of our control.


There are times, it may be way more beneficial for us to


In case you are confused, let’s be clear

There are times we actually need to quit what we are doing in order to change our direction.  


You aren’t allowed to stop...

You aren’t allowed to EVER stop dreaming, believing, striving to become better, setting goals, being fierce, you name it!

Sometimes we just get so caught up in our present situation(s), that we can’t see the amazing opportunities, relationships, jobs or even horses that are sitting patiently waiting within reach. We get super busy with trying to make our problems go away, trying to fix something that might not be fixable, and of course avoiding quitting at all costs because we don’t want to be seen as a ‘failure’...that instead we continue to suffer, because we refuse to let go, walk away, or quit.  

So if it’s feeling like the harder you hustle, the harder you are pushed back...maybe it’s time to take a step back. Maybe it’s time to touch base with our infamous ‘gut’. Maybe it’s time to consider that you are being guided in a different direction, a better direction.

You know that horse that seems impossible? We’ve all had them, sticking with them long after we should have parted ways. You know it girl, deep down as I’m saying this...Frustrated and disappointed, you put on that smile when deep down you are losing your confidence and becoming miserable.

That relationship with a friend or significant other, you know is beyond fixing, yet you keep trying because you can’t bring yourself to quit? Ya that one, deep down you know it’s time to move on.

So let’s be real here, life sucks the big one sometimes, and doesn’t necessarily turn out the way we planned, but that’s ok. Sometimes we end up with a horse or a friend, or a job that doesn’t make us happy. And it’s ok to feel mad, frustrated, upset and disappointed. The key is not to stay there, not to hold onto something we should have quit a long time ago.

So listen up...Listen to your emotions and know when it’s time to quit, just don’t ever stop.

You are Cowgirl Fierce, and you Got This!

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