It's all in your head

It's all in your head

Today Cowgirl, we are going to choose to be brave, and believe in ourselves, even if it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t. Today, we are going to start changing the voice in our heads...the most important voice of all...our own.

How important is our mental chatter?’s so important in fact, that it can determine success or failure in every aspect of our lives, from relationships and jobs, to winning or losing at a barrel race. In the search for success, it’s been drilled into our heads that ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ which still stands true, it’s just they’ve forgotten to mention that this also includes having a solid, unwavering mental game. Yet, mental toughness separates the good from the really GREAT.

We’ve all heard about this mental game thing, but not a lot of us know too much about how it works, let alone REALLY how to use it to help improve our lives and our results. We spend so much time physically preparing for life and competition, but very little time on mental preparation. How you think can literally determine whether you accomplish your seems pretty important right?!

How well do you perform under pressure? How well do you handle failure or rejection? If your answer is, ‘not so great’ then you’ve got some work to do. If you are looking to go from good to GREAT, then it is imperative that you work on your Mental toughness...


before you read any further, are you 100% ready to find the courage, get serious, and change your success inside the arena and in life?

If your answer is heck yes...Read on!

It definitely takes a huge amount of courage and confidence to believe what you tell yourself, and not what others may be saying about you. It also takes some serious practice, to have a voice inside, that is louder, stronger and more important than any outside words will ever be.


You have the courage and you want the success, so you can make it happen.

Being mentally strong will give you the courage to keep pushing forward and allowing you to focus on the challenge in front of you, even in a competitive situation. Like anything, it takes practice, and most definitely commitment. The belief in yourself always needs nurturing, but when it starts to grow, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

So now you might ask, but how do I start?

Are you ready for it?!  We start by analyzing our feelings...ugh...

Sorry...but just telling you to think positive ain’t going to cut it.

We need to get down and dirty, to determine our best approach and the biggest culprits...remember before, you said you were ready to find success?!

It’s time to check into those know which ones I’m talking about…the black out scared sh$%less ones that show up when you start a new business, go to university or enter the arena...These emotions are triggered by thoughts...our...own...thoughts....hmmmm...

In order to move forward we must bravely face all of our own thoughts that show up in these stressful scenarios that cause us to feel scared, frustrated, hopeless etc...This process alone can prove to be uplifting! Put your not so helpful thoughts down on paper, and commit to replacing them with positive ones, just as if you were comforting a close friend about their own fears.

You may already begin to feel the weight lifting off your shoulders...if not, don’t worry remember, this takes practice! The key here is consistency and feel...practice thinking the replaced thoughts and really feeling these new emotions daily.

This is just the beginning of what we are about to dive into, but if you start to work now on your mental fitness, you will blown away at how far you can go!

Are you Brave enough to start?  You deserve it!

*Stay Tuned For More on Mental Fitness*

You are Cowgirl Fierce, and you Got This!

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