A Wilde Beginning...

A Wilde Beginning...

"All great things begin with a vision...a dream..." - Estee Lauder -

That is exactly where Wilde Child began...with a vision that took on a life of its own. I started on this beautiful journey, with a simple idea and it has become so much more...A place where I am continually learning to grow, be challenged and Dream even bigger Dreams. Where I hope to inspire, enlighten and unite those who are also seeking to follow their own dreams and find purpose within themselves. This journey has also taught me to believe in myself and trust that I will succeed.

Like a lot of horse crazy girls, I loved horses from before I could walk. I could not get enough, and grew up spending my summers as close and as often as possible to my four legged passion.  I was completely horse crazy and instead of out growing it, my passion grew! I dreamt of being a vet, a jockey, a trainer, a barrel racer...anything to do with horses! I loved the competitive world, and started to compete in gymkhana and barrel racing as soon as I was old enough to ride my horse to town.

During these years, I also had the opportunity to compete in various other equine disciplines. Everything from halter classes, and western pleasure to team penning and roping were on my agenda. I spent many summer days riding in the mountains, and was fortunate enough to get to experience ranch work as well. Later on in life I settled down and due to moving for work and raising a young family I had to put the competitive part of me on hold until recently.

I am also a passionate entrepreneur, and started my very first business breaking colts and working with problem horses at the age of 17. From that point on, I never looked back and went through the school of hard knocks as a business owner in numerous industries gaining experience and life lessons on the way, but always coming back to horses.

When I was finally able to come back into the competitive side of the equine industry, I realized things had changed. But more importantly I had changed. The belief and confidence I once had, seemed to have been stifled overnight. With just what felt like a few short years of not being actively competitive and involved, I felt like I had lost a part of me.

It took some really deep soul searching for me to realize, it hadn't been lost just that I had changed and evolved. I had become more humble, a bit wiser, and maybe a bit less confident because of, well just life....I began to realize I needed to begin to believe in myself again. I needed to allow myself to DREAM like I did in my younger years, that it was ok to evolve. Once I began to do that, not only did I start feeling more confident competing, but my creative ideas really started to flow. During my eye opening experience, I also began to realize I wasn't the only one that had experienced this evolving....

We all have that little part of us that needs encouragement, and sometimes suffers from self doubt, and just needs some help and guidance...we aren't alone out there in the arena, in the industry, in the world...I hope to encourage you to believe in yourself, know that you are good enough, and that you WILL succeed because you are made of great things. You deserve for your dreams to come true.

And because I believe so much in you, I have created some exclusive tools to help you along the way! Stay tuned they are coming soon!


Shilah Harmer

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